The State of Your License With a San Jose DUI Charge

The State of Your License With a San Jose DUI Charge

The prospect of losing your drivers’ license is no laughing matter. However, it is a very real prospect if arrested for driving under the influence in California. It can have serious consequences that can change your future and affect you financially for years to come. If you drive to and from work or even use your vehicle for work, you can lose your income.  And in some cases, your car may even be impounded. Having a San Jose DUI attorney on your side in the fight for your drivers’ license is of the utmost importance.

Within 10 days of being charged with driving under the influence, you must request an administrative hearing with the California DMV to decide the fate of your license. You are free to do this without representation, but having a lawyer make this request for you may lessen your chance of being encouraged to accept a phone hearing. An in-person hearing may be less convenient for all involved, but can also possibly warrant you the best results. Having your DUI lawyer in San Jose representing you at this hearing is even wiser. Your attorney can get the feel for your case at this time, which may help him or her better represent you in criminal court.

If you do lose you license and you are a first-time offender, you can be without your driving privileges for up to six months. You may also find yourself taking three months’ worth of DUI educated courses that have been approved by the state and can face more serious penalties if you were driving with a minor as a passenger who was under 14 years of age at the time. Also, if you were speeding at 20 MPH above the speed limit on the streets or 30 MPH above the speed limit on the highway, you can lose your license for an even longer period of time. Aside from not being allowed to drive, you may find that your insurance premiums will soar and may stay unreasonably high for quite a few years. If you do face these possibilities, you need a San Jose DUI lawyer taking special care of your defense.

The driving consequences of a DUI conviction can stay on your record in California for up to 10 years. This is something you can ill-afford, both financially and in your personal life. For the excellent defense that you need, call a DUI lawyer in San Jose today.

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