Multiple DUI Offenses in San Jose CA

Multiple DUI Offenses in San Jose CA

A first-time offense for a DUI can have a devastating effect on your life. Being charged with a DUI more than once can have even more of a devastating effect. Time spent behind bars is a very real possibility for a DUI arrest, whether it is your first arrest or have subsequent arrests.  Your need for a San Jose DUI attorney will be greater than ever as the penalties you face can be harsher and more severe.

The road you have ahead of you if arrested two or more times for a DUI is not an easy one. An experienced DUI attorney in San Jose can educate you on what you face and that honesty is a sign of a good lawyer with integrity. If convicted multiple times, you may face the following penalties:

  • Fines that can be as little as $390, but as much as $1,000, with mandatory penalty assessments bringing the total up to $1,500.
  • Anywhere from three months to one year behind bars
  • The loss of your drivers’ license for an extended amount of time. (A license suspension can have an effect on your professional life, as well as the cost of your insurance premiums for years to come.)
  • The possibility of a judge requiring you to attend a state-approved alcohol treatment program if convicted.

There is also a possibility of being labeled as a “habitual traffic offender” if you continually are charged with driving under the influence. By your third offense, you can lose your license for as long as three years. This can hinder you getting to and from work, and also have an effect on any future employment. If you choose to drive with a suspended license and have this label, getting caught can have a damaging effect on your life, as well as your family’s as you may face another trial and harsher penalties than ever before. Make sure whatever San Jose DUI lawyer you hire has experience in repeat-offender cases or your life can take a turn you never expected.

The first time you were charged with a DUI you learned what a hard road it could be to get your life back on track. First-time offenses can often be expunged from the record, but it is more difficult to get subsequent convictions expunged. This can affect new employment opportunities and your overall finances for a long time to come. If you face such serious charges, call a DUI lawyer in San Jose today for the assistance you need.

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