San Jose DUI Attorney Law – Recent News

San Jose DUI Attorney Law – Recent News

The city of San Jose has been hit with some recent DUI stories in the news lately, some of which are definitely going to drop a few jaws.

In a recent news development, a young man by the name of Donovan Barclay with a long history of DUI offenses was arrested yet again after police officers smelled marijuana smoke coming out from the windows of his truck. Upon investigation, officers say they found marijuana and a cannabis cookie in his possession. If it wasn’t bad enough, Barclay was actually violating his bail release terms. Just last November he was caught with a DUI after crashing into a tree.

There’s also the tragic case of an ex-San Jose State University student who hit a female college student with his car and killed her while he was driving under the influence last year. Just this month he finally received his sentence – six years in prison.

This time of year is going to be particularly active for San Jose DUI attorney law practitioners as Spring Break is just down the road, but there are always students who drive under the influence throughout the year. However, it’s not just students who are caught driving under the influence, but sometimes educators as well, as in the case of one San Jose high school principal.

Just two months ago, a San Jose Christian high school principal was caught driving under the influence near Highway 101 and charged with a misdemeanor. He was with his wife at the time and although he was not involved in any accident, he did show some signs of reckless driving which tipped a Morgan Hill police officer to pull him over. He was formally charged last month and is now on a paid leave of absence pending the court case.

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