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A DUI conviction can have a serious effect on your life with potential jail time, court costs and the loss of your license. At San Jose DUI attorneys we are here to help you get through this process as quickly and professionally as possible by offering you the best representation we can provide. Our primary goal is to have the charges against you completely dropped, but if this is not possible then our goal is to minimize the charges and consequences of the case so you can get back to your normal life as quickly as possible.

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Insurance Coverage

In California everyone is required by law to have minimum liability insurance ($15,000 per person, $30,000 per accident) to operate a vehicle on public roadways. After a DUI, you must provide the DMV with proof that you have the required minimum liability insurance coverage in order to operate your vehicle and to have your driver’s license reinstated. Proof of coverage is generally known as an SR-22. Generally, you will be required to file an SR-22 for three years after a DUI conviction, “guilty” or “nolo” plea. Although this requirement can vary depending on local laws or plea terms that alter this time period.

If you no longer have a vehicle, you must have what is known as “non-owners” coverage in order to have your driver’s license reinstated. Like any auto insurance the cost of these policies will vary depending on your overall driving record. The best way to get a quick and accurate quote is to have a current copy of your driving record for the insurance company to review. You can get a copy of your driving record at any California DMV for a nominal fee. While purchasing insurance and re-instating your license is something you can do without the help of an attorney, our experienced San Jose DUI attorneys can share their tips and experience working with other clients to help you through this process.

DUI Conviction

A DUI conviction will show up on your criminal record and can be used as a “prior conviction” if you are convicted of another DUI. This means that if you are convicted of a subsequent DUI your punishment is generally going to be more severe. This use of a DUI conviction as a “prior” will generally last for 10 years, subject to any future changes in the law. This means that if you are convicted again within the 10 year period, it will be considered a “prior” for sentencing purposes. Once this 10 year period ends, the DUI conviction will still be on your record but will not be used as a “prior” for sentencing purposes.

Because DUI’s can have a negative effect on employment and professional licenses you may want to have the record expunged. After you have completed probation, if you complied with all of the terms of probation and paid all of your fines, your attorney can submit a petition to the court requesting that your record be expunged. This means that your “guilty” plea is changed to a “not guilty” and you are no longer required to report the conviction.

By Leonard H Burgess