Privacy Policy

The needs of our customers and clients are of paramount importance to my business. The discussions between lawyers and clients are strictly confidential, though there are a few legal exceptions that you will be fully informed of before confiding any information. All information about a DUI arrest that is related between lawyer and client will not be disclosed to anyone without your written consent. We hold your rights and privacy above all when representing your interest and that begins by fully informing you of all of your rights pertaining to the relationship between lawyer and client.

It is understandable that their will be information you may find embarrassing or too sensitive to discuss. We want you to know that we understand your situation, but that giving us all the information necessary is vital to representing your defense when faced with a DUI charge. Rest assured that our firm has extensive experience in this particular field and any information pertinent to your case, no matter how embarrassing or sensitive it may be will be held in full confidence.

We strive to make it as comfortable as possible for you to be open and honest with us because we understand that by giving us all the information necessary will give you the best chance possible. Our experienced attorneys will not be shocked or embarrassed by the information you disclose and will keep it fully confidential under the lawyer-client privilege as the law states.

Information that is obtained about you will only be used when we are contacting you in relation to the case presented to us. We want you to feel fully confident that any pertinent information of an embarrassing or sensitive nature can be openly discussed with your attorney with the knowledge that such information will be kept confidential. There may be times in which we discover information about you during our investigation and we will discuss that with fully and confidentially. We want to fully inform our clients on the information we receive and the nature of it so you can feel confident to discuss the pertinent matters of your case.

Feel free to contact us about the information that was discussed in confidence and to delete that information if you so choose. We are here to represent you in the best manner possible and doing so means we need to have you fully up to date on the information presented. We also understand that there may be information you may find uncomfortable to discuss, but if it is pertinent to your case we do need to know since it may make the difference in the outcome.

This process begins when you first contact us about your DUI charge. From the moment we begin to discuss your situation, we will fully inform you of your rights and all that can be discussed within the confidence of the attorney-client privilege and let you know about any exceptions as well so you will be armed with the knowledge of making the best informed decision when handling your DUI charge.