Choosing The Right San Jose DUI Lawyer for Your Situation

Choosing The Right San Jose DUI Lawyer for Your Situation

A conviction for a DUI in California can have various serious consequences. You can lose your license for an extended period of time, face steep and heavy fines that you and ill-afford and also face the possibility of jail time. This can change the entire course of your life, as well as your family’s life, even if you are a first time offender. When you have your day in court you do not want to go it alone and should look for knowledge and experience when choosing a San Jose DUI attorney.

When you search for the right attorney to defend you, what you need are choices. There are several resources you can use and in today’s world of Internet technology gathering information and doing research has become easier. You can look for testimonials and descriptions of how a DUI attorney in San Jose may try to defend you, as well as get a feel for whose specific experience may suit your specific case. You can also use the California bar association as a source, as they can provide you with a list of lawyers in the San Jose area who specialize in DUI cases. Finally, ask friends of family. They may have been through such an experience before or know a criminal attorney who can help.

Once you have gathered together a short list of several choices, call each San Jose DUI lawyer one by one and briefly explain your case. Make sure to tell the absolute truth because anybody who defends you needs to know exactly what happened to lead to your arrest. You can often get a feel for someone’s attitude and also professionalism from one phone call. Make arrangements to meet with one or two people you felt comfortable with on the phone. When you do meet, you want to ask about their experience and success rate with DUI cases, but you also want to look for integrity. Honesty often equals integrity and a lawyer who will be blunt with you about what you are up against may be the best choice.

Do not let a mistake you already regret change the course of your life. Know that there are options and various defenses an attorney can use so you don’t end up with a criminal record or don’t receive the maximum possible penalty. If you are facing serious DUI charges, call a DUI lawyer in San Jose today for the help you need.

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