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Sunnyvale California has a population of 140,081 residents. It is one of the largest cities in the entire Silicon Valley, and is the 7th most populated in the San Francisco Bay area. It is also regularly recognized as one of the ten safest cities in California.

Despite this, many residents may find themselves in the need of the services of a Sunnyvale DUI attorney. There are plenty of opportunities for the locals to go out and have a good time at one of the numerous bars, pubs, and clubs. When they fail to plan ahead and designate a drive, they find themselves facing DUI charges in Sunnyvale.

Sunnyvale DUI Attorney Defense in the Surrounding San Jose Area

It is worth noting that many world renowned tech companies have their headquarters here. Among them are Yahoo! and AMD. Plenty of other tech companies exist in and around the city, too.

One of the features worth noting is the well developed bike trails, which are present on virtually every mile of street and road in the city. Many fail to realize that DUI laws extend to riding a bicycle. When they are found riding while intoxicated, they need to turn to a Sunnyvale DUI lawyer experienced with this specific type of case. Even riding your bicycle while intoxicated can result in the suspension of your license, so don’t take the citation lightly.

An interesting local legend persists, claiming that a ghost resides in Sunnyvale’s Toys’R’Us. It is such a popular myth that world-famous psychic Silvia Brown visited the town to try and connect with the spirit in the early nineties. This brought much publicity to the area, as her visit was covered on a television special. There have been no known cases of a ghost needing a Sunnyvale DUI attorney.

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