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Stanford California is most famous for being the home of the Ivy League school, Stanford University. It is a census designated place and not a city. While most of the college’s campus is located within the city, portions of it do overlap into neighboring cities.

The campus frequently holds events and parties, usually hosted by one of its numerous sororities or fraternities. They typically involve alcohol, and after the parties are over, a large number of party-goers are known to drive home on their own. Avoid doing so under all circumstances, unless you wish to seek the help of a Stanford DUI attorney.

The residents of Stanford, California have plenty of things to do, but it is mostly confined to the Stanford Shopping Center. There are a few cafes and bars located throughout the city, too. Again, many visit them without having planned for a designated driver, drink more than they had intended, and then drive home while over the legal limit. Since Stanford is a college town, the police are frequently cruising to find and prevent drunk driving. If you’re pulled over, it’s best to find an experienced Stanford DUI attorney who can help to fight the case.

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The public transportation in Stanford isn’t exceptionally well developed. Several AC Transit buses pass through and taxis are available. Some theorize that the limited access to public transportation leads to the increased need of locals to turn to Stanford DUI attorneys, as they’re forced to abandon their vehicle or drive home while drunk.

One of the areas tourists and visitors like to frequent is the small, residential neighborhood next to Stanford’s campus. It’s nicknamed “Little Ivy,” as it features streets named after all of the Ivy League Schools.

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