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Santa Clara, California is considered the heart of Silicon Valley. It is also where California’s oldest university can be found. There are plenty of fun things to do there, too, including attending games at the Buck Shaw Stadium, where the San Jose Earthquakes host their Major League Soccer games.

If you find yourself pulled over after having a bit too much of a great time at one of these soccer games, though, and are facing DUI charges, you’ll want to seek the help of an experienced Santa Clara DUI attorney. While there are plenty of attorneys to choose from, make sure that you choose a Santa Clara DUI attorney that’s experienced and affordable so you can avoid the strictest consequences, such as jail time or having your license revoked.

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Santa Clara has lots of other great things to do, too. You can enjoy a thrilling ride on several different roller coasters at California’s Great America, which is a popular 100 acre amusement park. The Santa Clara Convention Center hosts hundreds of events every year, usually with a focus on emerging technologies. The San Francisco 49ers also have their new stadium being built there and it may be hosting Super Bowl L in 2016.

There are also plenty of night clubs, bars, and world-class restaurants scattered throughout the Santa Clara. Clearly, there are plenty of opportunities for a visitor or local resident to imbibe. In all cases, avoid driving while intoxicated, ideally by utilizing public transportation or arranging for a designated driver.

Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to make a mistake. Instead of being forced to take a taxi everywhere you go, turn to our Santa Clara DUI lawyer to help fight the case and minimize the penalties.

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