San Mateo

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San Mateo derives its name from the Spanish words meaning “Saint Matthew.” It is a city with nearly 100,000 people, located in the Silicon Valley area. Those who head out in the evening to have a bit of fun drinking with their friends can rely on the areas well established public transportation system, which includes SamTrans and AC Transit. Those who decide to drive home on their own may end up needing the assistance of a San Mateo DUI attorney.

There are a number of other things to do in San Mateo besides going out for a drink. The San Mateo Performing Arts Center hosts dozens of events every month for reasonable fees and is one of the largest theaters outside of San Francisco. Downtown, residents and visitors can enjoy a stroll through the San Mateo Arboretum, which is located in Central Park.

The Bay Meadows track offers exciting horse races and other forms of gambling. If you decide to take advantage of the complimentary drinks, be sure to take a taxi home. San Mateo DUI laws are rather strict, and if you are pulled over there’s a risk of losing your license. Having an experienced San Mateo DUI lawyer handle your case should prove helpful in having the charges reduced. In some cases, they may even be dismissed all together.

Actions to Take When You Require a San Mateo DUI Attorney

There is also a Japanese Tea Garden, which was created as a commemoration of San Mateo’s sister city, Toyonaka, Japan. The garden features a number of cherry blossom and bonsai trees, as well as various Japanese cultural memorabilia. Admittance to the park is entirely free, and many residents can be found enjoying the beautiful weather there.

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