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Palo Alto California is one of the most famous college towns in the world. It is home to parts of the Stanford University campus. A population of nearly 65,000 residents reside in the city.

Despite Stanford’s status as an “Ivy League School,” it hosts many fraternities and sororities. Several of them are known to throw frequent parties involving the excessive consumption of alcohol. During and after these events, large numbers of college students are pulled over and arrested for driving while intoxicated. Thankfully, there are a number of experienced Palo Alto DUI lawyers who can help these students reduce the severity of their charges.

Palo Alto isn’t just known for Stanford, though. It has long been considered one of the world’s best incubators for tech companies. Apple, Hewlett Packard, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, PayPal, and many others can trace their roots to the city. It may simply be coincidental that many of those who founded these companies studied there, or were heavily involved with projects taking place at the college.

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Additionally worth noting is the fact that Palo Alto was one of the first cities in the United States to provide advanced levels of EMT services. This has helped reduce the fatality rates of accidents caused by drunk driving. Those who are involved in accidents of this sort should contact a Palo Alto marijuana DUI lawyer promptly to help with both civil and criminal litigation, should it be pursued.

Be sure to choose a Palo Alto DUI attorney that’s familiar with whatever type of case you have. For instance, if you are in an accident, you want a lawyer who has experience with other DUI-related accidents. Doing so increases your chances of getting the legal help you need.

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