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Newark California is located in Alameda County. It derives its name from Newark Castle in Scotland. It boasts a modest population of 42,000 residents. It’s only a quick drive across Dumbarton Bridge to Menlo Park, where many residents travel for additional entertainment and shopping. Several educational institutions are located in Newark, including Ohlone Community College.

A large salt refinery relies on evaporation ponds to produce solar salt in the San Francisco Bay, and is one of the area’s largest employers. The Newpark Mall is considered a super-mall and provides shopping opportunities for the city’s residents. It is also one of the largest employers.

There are thirteen parks in Newark, all of which are used frequently. Many families rent pavilions at these parks. While it is against the law to consume alcoholic beverages while visiting the parks, families renting pavilions often do so, anyway. Those who haven’t arranged for a designated driver are likely to be pulled over. If this happens to you, you’ll need the help of an experienced Newark DUI attorney to avoid the most serious repercussions.

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Fortunately, the AC Transit provides a number of buses that residents can ride, but many avoid them when intoxicated. Public intoxication is illegal. This causes many who would otherwise refuse to drive while intoxicated to take a risk. Avoid driving, at all, if you’ve had a bit to drink and take a taxi. If you do, you probably won’t need to hire a Newark DUI lawyer.

If, however, you find yourself looking for a Newark DUI attorney to help you with such charges, be sure to find one who is experienced with cases similar to your own. This improves your chances at having them reduced.

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