Mountain View

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Mountain View California, gets its name from its spectacular views of the Santa Cruz Mountains. These views are enjoyed by all 74,000 residents. There are many windy roads loved by driving enthusiasts. Those found to take a spin while under the influence of alcohol may find it necessary to hire a Mountain View DUI attorney.

One of the notable businesses present in Mountain View is the Shockley Semiconductor Labs. They are credited as being the first company to develop silicon semiconductors and are credited with originating the term “Silicon Valley.” Many tech companies would go on to be founded in the area, and many more would position their headquarters here.

Among these companies are Google, which created world’s most the popular search engine, Symantec, well known for its antivirus software, Intuit, who produces TurboTax and Quickbooks, and Mozilla, responsible for creating the world’s first web browser.

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The downtown area is incredibly pedestrian friendly. Many trails and designated walkways can be found there. Despite this, public intoxication is illegal, and many opt to drive while drunk, instead. Inevitably, many are pulled over and must turn to a Mountain View DUI lawyer to have their charges reduced.

The downtown area, coincidentally, has one of the world’s most famous brewpubs, Chez TJ. It is special, in that it is the only California brewpub to be rated well by the Michelin Guide. Since many of the visitors to the brewpub drink without having a designated driver assigned, they end up leaving while under the influence.

This has resulted in a number of arrests, and the Chez TJ has been the center of a number of Mountain View controversies. Play it smart if you’re visiting, and assign a designated driver, or call a taxi.

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