Morgan Hill

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Morgan Hill was named after Hiram Morgan Hill, who owned a large estate there in the late 1800’s. The town originally served as a community for farmers and ranchers. While few tech companies are headquartered there, Morgan Hill is known to be a preferred residency for many working in Silicon Valley.

The population of nearly 40,000 residents enjoy some of the most comfortable weather in the world, thanks to the cities proximity to the Pacific Ocean. Temperatures rarely exceed ninety degrees Fahrenheit during the summer. During the winter, they rarely dip below forty degrees. It is also exceedingly rare for thunderstorms, or wind storms to form in the area. Because of the beautiful weather, Morgan Hill real estate is highly desired.

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There are a few tech companies providing ample employment opportunities in the area, including Comcast and Infineon technologies, but the top ten employers largely consist of grocery chains and retailers. Many residents enjoy the local nightlife scene, which is dotted with what can only be referred to as “eccentric” bars.

If you find yourself visiting one of these spots and fail to plan for a designated drive, you could find yourself in need of the services of a Morgan Hill DUI attorney. If this happens be sure to hire one who has experience with cases similar to yours. Doing so ensures that your Morgan Hill DUI lawyer will know how to approach your case in the best manner to reduce your charges. In some cases, your Morgan Hill DUI attorney could have them dropped entirely.

Of course, it’s always best to plan ahead or take a taxi. But, if you make a mistake, a Morgan Hill DUI lawyer can help you get your life back on track.

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