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Milpitas is located just south of Fremont and north of San Jose. It has a total population of just under 67,000, as of the 2010 US Census. It is a part of Silicon Valley and is home to many tech company headquarters, including Maxtor, the world renowned hard drive manufacturer.

While there is technically no truly recognized “downtown” area, Milpitas is known to have several establishments where locals can get out and enjoy themselves. Among them is the Milpitas Civic Center, which hosts many traveling entertainers and sports events.

It’s common for alcohol to be served at these events, but it can be difficult to find a taxi. Those who plan on drinking would be wise to avoid the need for the services of a Milpitas DUI attorney by assigning someone in their group as the designated driver.

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Public intoxication laws prevent many who could utilize public transportation, such as buses, from doing so. Additionally, this prevents many from attempting to walk home, even though they reside close to the civic center. It is common for a Milpitas DUI lawyer to cite these difficulties as the cause for a first time offender’s violation of DUI laws, which can help to reduce the penalties.

One of the biggest causes for controversy is the Elmwood Correctional Facility, which is located in the areas “midtown” region. Many local residents would like to see the correctional facility moved, yet government officials cite the increased revenue the facility produces as essential to the local economy. Many who have repeatedly turned to the help of a Milpitas DUI lawyer have avoided a stay in the facility.

Finally, tourists note the significant presence of signage in Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese as making them feel that they have traveled to Asia.

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