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Los Altos California, is a located in the southernmost tip of the San Francisco Peninsula. The area experienced rapid expansion and population growth from 1950-1980. The current population is just over 29,000, according to the most recent United States Census Bureau findings. The name “Los Altos” is derived from the Spanish phrase, meaning “foothills.”

The area was originally largely agricultural. Currently, it is one of the most affluent areas in the country. It has a median home value of $2,000,000.

There are a number of famous, annual parades in the town. Despite laws prohibiting open alcoholic containers, many drink during these parades. When they are over and residents return home, it’s common for them to be pulled over and cited for the violation of Los Altos DUI regulations. When this happens, residents turn to experienced Los Altos DUI lawyers for help.

The most popular parades include the annual Halloween Festival, the annual Pet Parade, and the annual Main Street parade. Again, avoid the need to consult a Los Altos DUI attorney by planning ahead and arranging for a designated drive if you will be drinking during any of these events.

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The Los Altos High School hosts a large homecoming every year that attracts visitors from both inside and outside of the city. Many underage DUI offenses take place during the homecoming event every year. This is a special case that requires an experienced Los Altos DUI attorney if it is to be handled properly.

One additional fact worth noting is Los Alto’s location near the San Andreas fault. Two large earthquakes caused extensive damage to the areas churches. Any damaged buildings were quickly rebuilt, though, thanks to the area’s excessive affluence.

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