Is it Possible to Win San Jose DMV Hearings?

Yes, it is entirely possible to win San Jose DMV hearings. It is advised that you have an experienced professional in your corner during the hearings. The DMV administrative officer will be interested in 3 areas:

1.    Who was driving the car?
2.    Was your blood alcohol concentration 0.8 or above?
3.    Did the police officer have a “reasonable cause” to make an arrest?

Determining if the police office had “reasonable cause” or not is a complicated legal procedure, an experienced attorney can help you understand all the legalities and present the right details that may be required to win you case. Your attorney may also need to assist in finding an expert witnesses as well. Moreover, our lawyer will also help you determine if you can challenge the blood alcohol concentration levels. All these are crucial variables that can help you in winning your case.