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While East Foothills is not a city, it is a census-designated place. It is also considered one of San Jose’s neighborhoods. The population is rather small, consisting of only slightly more than 8,000 citizens. Nevertheless, DUI convictions in East Foothills are a common occurrence.

Generally speaking, anyone in need of an East Foothills DUI attorney will be working with a firm located in San Jose. They provide their services in the event that local residents find themselves in the unfortunate circumstances of being pulled over after making the mistake of driving while intoxicated. Thankfully, there are attorneys experienced with East Foothills DUI laws, and in many cases, they can help have the severity of the charges reduced.

Outside of several small, eccentric coffee shops and one or two bars, there is actually little to do in East Foothills. This leads to relatively quiet days, as far as police activity is concerned. The evenings are a different site, altogether.

Regardless of whether or not you find yourself passing through East Foothills to grab a cup of coffee or to have a beer, it’s important that you obey all traffic signs and laws. If you don’t, you could end up being pulled over, and maybe even required to appear before a judge.

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The area is also a notable supporter of same-sex marriages. Recent polls in Santa Clara County identified a large percentage of local residents as being in-favor of legalizing gay marriage across the country. This is in spite of Proposition 8, which showed that many California residents were opposed to it. Many activists petitioning for changes in the laws governing same-sex marriages are known to regularly visit one of the smaller coffee shops mentioned previously.

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