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If you want to live in the California community that Forbes magazine has dubbed the most intelligent in the state, then look no further than Cupertino. The higher-than-average intelligence of the locals doesn’t prevent them from making the occasional mistake, though, and many need to turn to the help of a DUI attorney to avoid hefty fines, revoked licenses, and jail time.

The thing that most people probably know Cupertino for, though, is as the home of Apple’s headquarters. Many of the city’s 58,000 residents are employed there. A larger portion travel to nearby cities in Silicon Valley to work. Before the tech boom, Cupertino experienced its largest growth after World War II.

The city is home to De Anza College. Many of the students live in dorms, where they host frequent parties. It isn’t uncommon for the police to cruise by the area around the college, looking for those who are driving under the influence. If you are attending a party at De Anza, or simply out enjoying an alcoholic beverage at a local bar, be sure to have a designated driver. If you don’t, call a cab. Otherwise, you may end up needing the help of a Cupertino DUI lawyer.

Cupertino DUI Lawyer Legal Representation in the Larger San Jose, CA Area

Working with a Cupertino DUI lawyer is important if you want to maintain the privilege of driving. It is common for a first time offender to have their charges reduced when they’re represented by an experienced Cupertino DUI attorney.

It is somewhat coincidental that the area has a high level of arrests for DUI’s. De Anza College’s entire campus was once a 112 acre winery. Equipment used on the farm can still be found in the California History Center, which is housed on campus in the winery’s former mansion.

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