Alum Rock

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Alum Rock California, has a population of nearly 16,000 and is a census-designated place. It derives its name from an enormous rock that was once thought to be made of the Alum. It turned out to be a rather ordinary rock, but the city kept its name.

There is little to do in Alum Rock proper. One of its few claims to fame is Alum Rock Park, which is the first official municipal park in the United States of America. It stretches across 720 acres and attracts both local visitors and tourists, alike. An interesting piece of trivia surrounding the park is that it wasn’t originally named Alum Rock Park, but only “The Reservation.” This changed in the 1900s, at around the same time the large rock thought to be made of Alum was discovered.

Perhaps it is the lack of recreational activities in Alum Park that causes some to imbibe at several of the local bars. Many times these patrons fail to arrange for a designated driver, or forget to call a taxi, and end up needing the assistance of an experienced Alum Rock DUI attorney.

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The majority of recreational activities outside of Alum Park, as well as most of the available shopping, is isolated to a small commercial strip on Rock Avenue. Many of the residents work outside of Alum Rock, as few tech companies are headquartered in the city. The children in the area attend one of three high schools, and the classes are noticeably small.

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